Regenwürmer sterben nicht

Worms never die


Rosa always has been interested in the miraculous, the different.
Eager to know, she wanders around life, racking her brain about the question „what comes afterwards?“.
Death has a unique attraction to her that life never had. She wants more. More knowing.
On an expedition to her own grave, she tries to approach death, digs into the joy of life and meets death in the most unexpected of moments.


Rosa: Halina Jäkel
Angestellte: Mirjam Kuchinke
Uncle Ralf: Uwe Schmieder
Children: Malina Kerlin, Alva Kerlin
Couple: Paulina Alpen, David Vormweg
Doctor: Amelie von Godin
Radio commentator: Vasko Damjanov


Director | DP | Script | Cut: Mats Süthoff
Production: Paulina Alpen, Mats Süthoff
Music|Composition: Vasko Damjanov, Emily Wittbrodt
Ton: Vasko Damjanov
Cello: Emily Wittbrodt
Sounddesign: Vasko Damjanov, Mats Süthoff
1st Assistant Director: Paulina Alpen
Mastering: Charles Deichmann